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Guidelines for Great First Impressions in Interviews

Recruiting talented people helps us keep Cobalt Executives Inc. moving toward success. When we are evaluating candidates, first impressions count. This is true when interviewing anywhere. Fortunately, a few techniques can empower anyone to get the interview process off on the right foot. If you are searching for your next career opportunity, keep the following in mind.

As you introduce yourself at the beginning of the interview, the hiring manager will likely ask you to talk about yourself. To prepare for this, brainstorm some interesting facts about yourself. These can be hobbies, professional or personal experiences, things that inspire you, or anything else that makes up who you are.

Once you have some possible things to share, follow up by thinking through what will be most impactful for the interviewer. When considering an applicant to Cobalt Executives Inc., we are very focused on cultural fit. This is important because a cohesive team is productive and effective. So, as you determine your answer, think through what will be most relevant to the company culture.

Investing time into preparing an answer to this question is a big step toward a successful interview. Chances are the manager already thinks you are qualified based on your résumé. So, in-person meetings often focus on whether you fit the job well. Talking about who you are is a key part of selling yourself as a candidate.

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