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Impressive Interviewee Behaviors

We’ve interviewed a wide range of talented candidates through the course of Cobalt Executives Inc.’s ongoing growth. There are a few behaviors we’ve noticed among the most impressive of these jobseekers, all of which increase their chances of being hired.

Research is one way candidates can give themselves an edge over their hopeful peers. This doesn’t mean just digging into the position description and the company website; it also means learning as much as they can about every person with whom they’ll be interviewing. They look people up on LinkedIn and other social media outlets to find common ground before their appointments.

We’re also impressed by jobseekers who are prepared to articulate their past experiences and how they’ve led them to where they are today. In other words, we want to see self-awareness in action when we evaluate a potential Cobalt Executives Inc. hire. If someone has a clear grasp of how the choices they’ve made have impacted their careers, we’re intrigued by that person’s future potential.

Sending sincere thank-you notes also helps candidates separate themselves from the pack. Even a simple email is enough to show gratitude. We especially enjoy seeing a candidate include some specific details from his or her meeting in the note.

We’re likely to remember jobseekers who put these strategies to good use. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire

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