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Strategies for Maintaining Professional Connections

Networking has fueled the success of many Cobalt Executives Inc. projects. We often send our people to industry events to meet new people and start valuable relationships. Of course, meeting new contacts is only part of networking. In many ways, maintaining those connections is the most important and challenging part. These strategies can help make that a little easier:

• Facebook Groups: Many people already use Facebook when networking for personal and/or professional connections. So, it can be a convenient way to convene your network around shared interests. Better yet, creating groups and inviting people to them is very quick and easy.

• WhatsApp: This messaging application is a popular choice for keeping in touch with groups of people. It is a useful option for maintaining contact with international connections. Many Cobalt Executives Inc. team members enjoy the simplicity of communicating with WhatsApp.

• Group Text: Even simpler than WhatsApp is a traditional group text. This is especially useful for the people to whom you are closest. It is an opportunity to form a breakout group of sorts from the rest of your electronic networking.

• Local Meetups: Nothing beats meeting up in person. So, start going to more local meetup groups. If you have common interests, it shouldn’t be difficult to find events that you and your network members can attend. If nothing exists yet, plan an event yourself.

These tactics will make it easier to maintain your network. Like Cobalt Executives Inc. on Twitter to find more on this.

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