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Successful Pre-Speech Strategies

How you prepare for a presentation has a big impact on the impression you make on audience members. We’ve learned this through our Cobalt Executives Inc. speaking experiences, which is why we apply the following effective strategies to put ourselves in the right frame of mind before we go to the podium.

Warming up physically is one way we prepare ourselves to impress our listeners. Stretching eases any nervous energy we might be feeling. Right before we take the stage, we stretch each arm upward as high as we can one at a time. This one simple movement helps us center ourselves, which allows us to warm up mentally as well.

To get into the right state of mind, we use focused breathing to calm ourselves and erase any negative self-talk. We also visualize a successful speech as we do this, creating positivity we then project when we’re at the podium.

Once we feel mentally centered, we move on to vocal warmups. We’ve found that humming is one of the best ways to tune our vocal instruments, especially when we use one of our favorite songs. With our voices primed, we feel more confident about representing Cobalt Executives Inc. on the stage.

We use these preparation strategies to deliver more effective presentations on behalf of Cobalt Executives Inc. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire

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