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Underrated Skills That Speed Career Growth

We’ve become career advancement experts around the Cobalt Executives Inc. office, or at least authorities on the subject. Through our efforts, we’ve learned that a few essential but often overlooked skills push our careers forward unlike any others. Here are the attributes we’ve found vital in our advancement pursuits.

Focus is one thing that’s required for steady career advancement. If we can give concentrated effort for extended (or even brief) periods, we’re better equipped to knock things off our to-do lists. The best way to maximize focus is to block out time well in advance, so that distractions like emails don’t take you off your stride.

Being open to feedback is another trait that enhances career prospects. We gather input from our Cobalt Executives Inc. colleagues and supervisors so that we know where we need to make improvements. By listening attentively to what others say about our strengths and weaknesses, we gain fresh perspectives that make our growth efforts more productive.

Accountability is also a key attribute when it comes to career growth. Volunteering for big projects is a good thing, but it won’t mean much if you don’t see them through to successful ends. We’re careful to monitor our progress toward any aggressive goal so that we can adjust to ensure winning results.

We’re refining these attributes to get closer to our ultimate career goals.

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